If you enjoy reviewing dusty old novels, consider being a part of the SpookyBooky team! Here’s what we’re looking for:

BOOK REVIEWS: We love thoughtful, carefully articulated reviews of obscure books from all varieties of spooky genres, such as horror, mystery, thriller, gothic romance, classic horror, YA horror, etc. We also enjoy publishing reviews of pulp fiction or other vintage, out-of-print works which do not necessarily have to be spooky.

There’s no word limit for reviews. We typically find 350-1,500 words to be most effective, but going over is not a bad thing.

Other content up for consideration may be an academic discussion of genre, tropes, literary canon, author interviews or comparative analysis of spooky literature. If you have something that feels right, feel free to send us an email first or just submit it. The worst we can say is “No thanks.”

PAY: Unfortunately we do not have funding to pay contributors, but we will promote your social media, personal websites, book, and/or bio.

PREVIOUSLY PUBLISHED CONTENT: We do accept previously published content. As long as you retain the rights, feel free to send it to us for consideration.

AUTHOR’S RIGHTS: Authors retain all rights to their work. You’re welcome to publish your work elsewhere, we just ask that you add a note that it was originally published by SpookyBooky if we indeed published it first.

TO SUBMIT: e-mail your query/document to [email protected]

Still have questions? Send us an email or reach out via social media.